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Mantras are like a calming breeze that sweeps through our brains and give us relief from the mental destruction and defeating patterns that roam our minds.

Mantras help us to see ourselves on the bright side. They calm us, offer hope and transform us.

If you want to get the most out of mantras, try writing them in your journal.

Choose what mantra to focus on each day depending on the situation you have at hand and then write it at the top of your journal so that you are reminded to chant it.

I am the worthiest person on earth because I am the only me:

One of the most unique aspects of humanity is that even though we are 7 billion people on earth, each of us is different.

The moment you learn to embrace this truth is the moment you stop convincing others to seek their approval of you.

I like to use the example of musicians.

We have plenty of them around the world but each of them has a unique voice and style and that’s why all of them manage to have followers and make sales from their music productions.

If self-worth is something you have been struggling with in the past, I would recommend chanting this mantra 5 times a day starting early morning.

Because once you realise your worth, you can move any mountain in your way.


The world is my playground:

Living with the acceptance that change is part of growth is a powerful mantra.

It helps to calm you down whenever the waves of life advance on you and things don’t go the way you expected.

The mantra simply means that no matter what kind of ball is thrown my way, I will kick it into the goal post.

It also means that you are ready to make lemonade juice from the lemonades the world will throw at you.

Affirming this mantra in the early morning, writing it in your journal, and chanting it during meditation and before bedtime, will get your juices flowing like a roaring river.


I am on the positive side of all situations:

No matter how much you wail, abuse yourself with alcohol and live in thoughts nothing can change until you choose to take the positive side.

One way to reign on the positive is by accepting your challenges with humour and an attitude that accepts that all challenges are lessons.

The mantra “I am on the positive side of all situations” helps your mind focus on the present.

The more you chant it, the more you will enjoy the moment and feel fulfilled in life.


With this breath, I inhale every good thing and exhale the negative from me:

This is a beautiful mantra for meditation and breathing.

This mantra conquers anxiety and fear and while your breath provides healing properties to the lungs, chest and entire body.

Inhale through the nose while silently chanting the mantra and exhale slowly while repeating the affirmation.

Much love to all… go in peace my friends.

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