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The Fae of Water

Crystal Healing

The dream world of the fae is a portal into their hidden realm, it allows you to communicate with the fae and receive visions from them. In order to connect with the water fae you must have an aquamarine crystal and be near a place of water. The place of water can be: a creek, river, ocean, pond, bath, shower, or sink. Hold the crystal to your heart and pray to the water fae, “I seek your guidance, for the waters of your magick to wash over me.”

Place the crystal into the water and envision the magick of the water seep into the aquamarine. Carry that stone around with you to give you peace, but when you go to sleep place it within your pillow case to allow you access into the dream world of the fae. The crystal blessed by the water will allow the fae to know your intentions and grant you access.

Crystal: Aquamarine

Happy Ending!

Source: crystalhebalism

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