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When There Is True Understanding Of The Dharma

“The key point is: once you have listened with understanding and follow through to purify your contamination, thus you are able to calm your defilements and heated afflictions. These are the characteristics of Dharma. ”

It does not mean that I have heard a little, read some, and am able to mimic accordingly and consider this as knowing Dharma. So for us to recognize Dharma by literally glancing at it, ah, I understood it! Got it! How could it be so easy? If it were truly that easy to grasp, then Buddha Dharma is worthless and it would not be recognized as precious treasure!

Often, when we feel that we have understood a lot, this is the sign of our affliction, pride – it is all arrogance and a mind filled with heated afflictions. Comparing with others arrogantly are all causes of downfall. While one upholding ethical discipline, the feeling is I abide by the precepts and he does not – this is being far off from the Dharma! Once a little has been understood, ah! My preaching is right, and what he said is wrong – this is far off from the Dharma!

Once you truly are in accordance with the teaching, purify your signs of contamination, and then you are doing it right. By the time you have this experience, you will easily understand the meaning of this statement and you will absolutely not have any disrespectful thought toward the teacher. Not to mention the teachers, even with those who have committed the most heinous crimes, you will not generate any negative thought toward them. That is when your mind aligns with the Dharma. When you see his heinous crime, you sympathize him, alas! What a pitiful person, how can I help him?

That is when you are abiding with Dharma, and that is when you truly understood.

By - Master Jih-Chang

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