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When we practice Dharma

Yangthang Rinpoche

When we practice dharma, we should check if we have generated bodhichitta or not, day and night. We should check whether the practice of bodhichitta goes well or not, whether it is getting better, or it is getting worse. Don’t lose mindfulness. If you lose mindfulness, it would be like a house that has a hole, which allows thieves to break in. We should always keep our mindfulness and don’t let the enemies of delusions find their way in. If we lose mindfulness, enemies of delusions will break in through the hole. Then the bodhichitta will be stolen from your house. In order to prevent delusions, such as desire, hatred and ignorance, and pride, the first method to apply is mindfulness. If we can always apply mindfulness, enemies of ignorance will not come in. However, if we don’t keep mindfulness, the enemies of ignorance and the eight worldly concerns will appear and cause obstacles to our bodhichitta.

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