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Why Surrender Is Good For Us

What does it mean to surrender? Many people believe that the concept of surrendering is to give up and lose all hope and faith, when in actual fact, it is the complete opposite. To fully surrender, you need to let go of control, fear and worry and allow yourself to be present and flow with the forces of nature.

Sometimes in life, there are circumstances and situations which make us surrender and accept what is happening around us. For example, say a parent, pet or close friend has been suddenly taken ill and you are told that there is nothing that can help them recover. In this kind of situation, although very emotionally challenging, will put you into a position of surrender and letting go.

Losing a loved one like this, can make people fight against the natural process of death, which can create more stress, fear, trauma and anxiety as a result. On a more positive side, being able to surrender when you are consistently chasing after your dream job or partner is very important too. When you stop chasing after things that will only give you happiness on the outside, you naturally allow positive things to flow into your life rather than forcing it. By forcing things to happen, this will only repel back to you in a negative way, leading to feelings of depression, desperation, despair and anxiety.

This is very common within the dating world, as many people crave love, affection and admiration from others. Sometimes this craving can be stronger in some people than others, especially if they have been neglected, separated or isolated as a child. These people are consistently looking for that love, which they didn’t receive as children and sometimes it can develop into a love addiction. These people are driven by the ideology of romanticism in romantic relationships, which can make them have excessively high expectations of others. By letting go of these ideologies and fantasies about love and romance, we can become much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Surrendering also allows us to be fully present and in touch with the real world around us, which stops us from getting hurt or disappointed if our ideas or visions aren’t met. The more we resist against the natural ebb and flow of life, the more unhappy and unsatisfied we become. Knowing the art of surrender is the essential part of finding yourself and inner joy in your life - and remember, surrender isn’t losing all hope and giving up. It is about accepting where you are right now and allowing nature and the universe to lead you down your path without fear or doubt.

Source: Psychicphilosophies

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