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Yoga Nidra-Intention (Sankalpa)

By Alexandra Juryte

We often carry agendas around with us, shaping, supporting or arguing against what we think, feel and do in the moment.

Our agendas are like flocks of birds … desires and fears flying together one way, then veering off … or flying apart.

Desires and fears make their way into our meditation practice. Yoga Nidra welcomes them.

We can bring a heartfelt desire into our Yoga Nidra practice, and a specific intention in support of that desire. We call this Sankalpa.

“Sankalpa” means free will, imagination, intention, resolution. So much dynamism in one word! We begin a Yoga Nidra session with Sankalpa.

Sankalpa unites a conscious intention with the mind’s unconscious processing power. It both shapes and opens up the flow of Yoga Nidra.

Do you have a heartfelt desire that shapes your life’s agenda? If so, feel into it … and imagine life with that desire accomplished.

As you begin your day, pause … breathe … feel gravity connecting you with the Earth. Gently close the eyes and and feel into that heartfelt desire for your life … How is it guiding you? … As you emerge, silently feel into your intentions for this day.

Today, perhaps while on a walk … sit down and contemplate your heart’s desire for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

- Namaste

Alexandra Juryte

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