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The importance of “Meditation” in Astrology and life.

The main point behind “spirituality” is to find yourself. We must honor everyone has their own “self” they contend with. A person who suggests anyone’s sense of spirituality is wrong is doing it from a place of ego. Not compassion, surrender and understanding (Themes I feel important to inward meditation.

We cannot be dogmatic and take from others by telling them they are wrong. Spirituality is our own path; our relationship to ourselves. When we are dogmatic and impose on others our beliefs we dis empower them. Robbing them of the prosperity they can bring through what inspires them.

So this leads to the topic and point of the post.


What is meditation, what is it’s purpose?

In my time of my study of astrology I have come to see the 12th house as the most important of the houses. This is the house of meditation. Taking time for inward perception. Why is this the most important? By taking time in meditation (undisturbed focus and thought) we are better able to process life through the lens of our own individuality. When we do this we understand ourselves better; and develop a better sense of relationship to ourselves and the “universe.”

Meditation is when you open yourself up to inner soul searching. Most need to do it alone because you need to be away from the opinions, thoughts and actions of others getting inside your projection field. When people step in your projection field they warp and change you; thus causing you to lose the potential for greater connection to your self. So by closing ourselves off inward we keep others out of projection field. Now can we can do “soul searching” un-afflicted by the influence of the world around us.


Meditation builds power by investing in yourself.

The more we go inward and meditate the closer we get to “moksha” or “liberation.” This is a point when we are wiser and more consciously clear. We are capable or satisfying our needs better because we are unclouded in judgement. This is spirituality in it’s highest form as I understand it. We are more capable of inspiring ourselves and others. We know our place. We do not get lost in the scuffle of energies pulling us every way from our true inner selves.

We do not just meditate inwards once. We do it over and over. We live in a world of change. The world around us will only push to be who we are not. We want to block this out. We need to. It is what makes meditation possible.

However we also cannot be naïve. We must realize a simple basic astrological truth and principle. Energies affects us. Energy of the universe is always changing. Human beings are ruled by the Moon since it is the closest body to us in the universe (Besides Earth we live on.) The moon causes our reflections, feelings and thoughts to be in a constant of flux. We must honor we are always changing.

Thus we should reach an ultimate truth. The image we come to see ourselves as in a spiritual light is subject to change. Spirituality is a liquid idea. it should never be confused with being a one time fix. It is not consistent. We must invest in constant meditation to cope with the change we go through. Soul searching must always be done to re-center our identity and make sure we are in align with our truth. In a sense we have to always make sure we are honest with ourselves. We must always meditate to find our “center.”

Meditation helps us realize paths that have no inspiration for us any longer. This is all about dealing with the pursuit of our meaning in life. We must respect meaning in life is not a solid thing. It is always subject to change due to the forces and energies of the universe that can change us as well. We must learn to come to terms with the fact our meaning in life can change. Meditation must become a routine to keep us moving towards a path that inspires us to realign with meaning in life. If we don’t we can fall subject to monotony and a sense of higher purpose that makes us feel centered.


Why is the 12th house so paramount to meditation?

We lead to why 12th house is so paramount in meditation practice. These are the signs, planets and traits inside ourselves that often lie outside realm of the physical world. They lie inside ourselves. They need “special attention” to be used. Even if there are no planets in the 12th, the sign is very important.

The sign is important because the houses are all linked in the wheel. When we meditate and strengthen our spiritual perspective, we are better able to to associate with our 1st house traits. Our rising sign and reason for being born on earth becomes more powerful because we know ourselves more. In this way the sign on the 12th house cusp acts as a form of “support” for our identity.

When we put conscious effort into meditating help form a connection to the “why” of our rising sign and identity on earth. We are better able to see why we behave in certain ways by contemplating on our life experience. When we allow ourselves to activate the internal energies we neglect (be it planets or signs) it strengths everything by connecting the 12th house to the 1st. We know ourselves, our underlying motivations, thus our resolve and will becomes stronger.


Meditation helps build our relationship to the universe around us.

“Spirituality is being able to cast aside your identity, your ego and truly see things from a broad perspective keeping everything in mind. Building your relationship of self and the universe you exist in. When this relationship is nurtured you find more meaning for yourself and why you are here.“

We must realize as with any relationship, we must compromise, grow and change with it.

Everything changes. Nothing stays concrete. Never allow yourself to fall victim to closing yourself off to change. If we fail to meditate and nurture the relationship we have to ourselves then we can become lost. When we are lost we stop growing. When we stop growing we can fall victim to dogmatism. You are no longer a helper inspiration. You area fixed point in time in the past projecting your version of truth on others. he reality is this truth may no longer be relevant; to yourself, society and others around you.


Keep an open mind. Listen. Both to yourself and around you.

We must learn to listen to everything. To open our inner worlds and take in the voice of others. We must be compassionate and inspire thoughts to engage and empower others. To do that first we must learn how to listen. Meditation is the first step. Learning how to listen to our selves opens up the path to share better wisdom and reach our own enlightenment. With this we gain better clarity to listen to others and the world around us. Then our relationships improve because we acknowledge we had to improve.

Meditation has It’s limits. Honor Them.

This final part is very important. You must realize meditation has limits in effectiveness. As a person (or soul) you are born to fulfill desires of your planets effecting you. Realistically you cannot “bypass” these parts of your self to achieve a higher state of consciousnesses through meditation. Know your Meditation potential.

Set time limits and have a place you can access routinely to do this. Add more time or less time according to the needs of your life accordingly. Never feel guilty if this time investment into meditation goes up or down. Make as much time possible for yourself but remember we are here to experience more in life then just liberation. We are here to live. Honor all of your planets.

To meditate inside a set of limits cast aside a portion of your day to be alone in your own thoughts. Contemplate, dream, project yourself forward into the future. Emphasize a theme of whatever is in your 12th house. Emphasize your natal 12th house sign and planet placements; but also honor a transit planet in your 12th. This planet moving through your 12th arrived strengthen the connection it has with you on an internal level. By meditating on it’s properties you can live a more complete live by finding meaning through it.


Happy Ending!

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